Herbal Healing Ointment


This herbal healing ointment has a positive effect on inflamed, oozy and poorly healing wounds, scars, chronic inflammations, burns, crust-like scabs in a fetlock joint area and rough skin. It supports the natural regeneration of skin cells due to the extract of calendula and ribwort, increases their elasticity and keeps the upper layers of the skin moisturized. Suitable for areas of inflammation of veins, thrombosis and for massages of hardened nodules.

Herbal Healing Ointment

275.00 Kč

Wounds, scars, burns

Calendula ànd Ribwort

450 ml

How to use

Gently apply over an affected area daily 3-5x, either in a thin layer or massage it well for absorption.


Store at temperature 15 - 25 °C. Keep out of reach of children! Only for animals!


Paraffinum liquidum, Glycerosorbitani ester, Glycerolum 85%, Calendula extractum, Plantaginis extractum, Cera alba, Natrii tetraboras, Euxyl K 100, Alfa-tocoferoli acetas, Aroma citri, Aqua purificata